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Social trading platform to connect investors to traders.

2gather is a P2P platform that introduces blockchain technology and leads investors to an optimized investment strategy. Select and follow professional traders to adapt their trading strategies.


With the growing market of cryptocurrency, more platforms are introduced to the industry. However, the market isn’t entirely perfect. There are still a number of on-going problems in the market and the trading platforms.

Investor Opportunities

One of the biggest problems in cryptocurrency is the opportunity itself.



It takes many years of effort to build trust and reputation in order to attract proper funding.

Traditional Asset Management

The asset management industry has been plagued with multiple issues such as scams.

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2Go Portal

2Go Portal is the most complete educational resource and knowledge base built by traders for users. It features the latest market news, unique content created by leading crypto experts aimed at educating the community, sharing trading ideas and discussing latest market developments. 

2GATHER Ecosystem

What the 2gather Platform will look like.

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Investor's Login

This is a platform for investors and traders. This screen is an investor's login screen.

Investor Dashboard

It is my page of the investor. You can check the Trading Models and the trader You followed at a glance.

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Asset Trader's Login

This is a platform for investors and traders. This screen is an Asset Trader login screen.

Trader Dashboard

View you trading statistics and insights to help you make better decisions.

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Follow Traders

You view traders you follow, find, and discover new traders.




Centralized exchanges and other chain integrations will be announced separately.


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  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘

Jason Kim


Executive Director at AliansiKoin

Manager at Financial News Group

Researcher at Hyundai Research Institution

  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘

Teguh Susanto


​​Director of Education at AliansiKoin

Implementation Specialist at Pilar Dinamika Integra

CTO at DewaTrading Indonesia

  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘

Anggie Bagus Purwono

Technical Researcher

Senior Technical Lead at AliansiKoin

Learning Facilitator of Gapura Digital by Google Indonesia

MSME Education Facilitator for Indonesia Ministry of Trade

  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘

Rahmah Rahmah


Assistant Manager of AliansiKoin

Admin Finance of Indodax

E-Commerce Officer of Dignative Digital

2GATHER Whitepaper

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